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One of our strengths is our flexibility. We realize that every company is unique and each project will have its own particular requirements. For this reason, while we have an idealized "generic" process, we can customize this for each customer.

Below is a description of what we might suggest for a full-service design cycle for a new product. The development of any product is frequently portrayed as a funnel. During the early days in the mouth of the funnel, one is seeking to learn as much about the products environment as possible and to create a diverse array of different design directions. This helps us maximize the opportunity for the customer. During later phases we work with the client to systematically select and then refine the design until we have a single completely defined product.

For every phase, the number one criteria that will dictate success or failure is invariably communication.


For a description of each phase, see our page on services

DISCOVERY - we benchma rk competitors and immerse ourselves in your customers world.

IDEATION - we convert the opportunity from the first phase into sketches of product ideas.

DESIGN - We create detailed 3D CAD models of the design

ENGINEERING - We create the core-side details in the model. This is usually the most time-consuming phase.

PRODUCTION - We follow development of prototype and production tooling.


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